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2020 Steak Fry Postponed

Posted on August 26, 2020

COVID-19 has really taken a toll on our community. We realize that this year has been challenging for all local businesses and families. In the past, many in our community supported My Brother’s Keeper by attending our annual Steak Fry and we deeply appreciate your commitment to the program. Due to COVID-19 we WILL NOT be having a steak fry in the fall of 2020. However, Mr. Mark Murphy, president and chief executive officer for the Green Bay Packers, has agreed to be our guest of honor next year for our annual steak fry in October of 2021.

My Brother’s Keeper is working hard helping ALL boys and men navigate this trying time in today’s world! We are seeing a different set of issues young boys and men are facing today than we have seen in the last 17 years. Growing up too fast, drug and alcohol abuse, single parent households, job loss, evictions, poverty, school violence, educational disparity, bullying and many other issues are a reality for many boys and men in our community. You can help them learn to cope with these issues, change their lives and become productive members of our community.

My Brother’s Keeper is able to help struggling boys and men through grants, donations and fundraisers. Your donations help individuals change their lives and the lives of the people around them ultimately making Green Bay a better place to live. We appreciate your support and we appreciate any financial donation you are able to make to the program this challenging year. As always, we will continue to mentor young men and boys dealing with real life issues.

We hope you will join My Brother’s Keeper and Mark Murphy next fall for this very exciting event.