Dealing With Frustration

Posted by Harry Sydney

Recently in some sessions with clients I have noticed that a common occurrence is that men are trying to cope and deal with being angry, flat out  pissed off at the world,  or mad. The biggest problem is that they couldn’t put their finger on why they were angry! They think it’s the job, wife, kids and often times – it’s none of those things.

This is what I call being Frustrated!!!!

Frustration occurs when we get MAD at other people because they don’t think like us. If you  think about how many times we get upset or frustrated because you can’t figure out why people do what they do? Whether it’s your spouse, your lady, your man, the kid’s, even the dog.

Now you need to ask yourself why they would think like you or me if they haven’t walked in our shoes?

They won’t, so why do we expect them too???


Just having a conversation and sitting down and making time to express your feelings can make an incredible difference. If you take the time to talk to your partner in life and actively discuss your feelings, it will open the door to a number of positive things and help establish positive building blocks in your relationships.

Often times we expect others to know and understand our thoughts and feelings. In reality, we haven’t given the people in our lives enough time to have those critical conversations.

Just a conversation!!!