360 VIP Program

My Brothers Keeper 360 VIP Program

Become a MBK 360 VIP Member!

You receive many benefits as our club member!

As a MBK 360 VIP Member  you receive thank you gifts like a My Brother’s Keeper t-shirt, a member certificate, thank you letter from Harry Sydney, receive exclusive newsletters just for members, and be eligible for monthly drawings!

For one full year, you continue to receive these amazing member benefits.

  • Advance notice of our major fundraisers (Appreciation Steak Fry, Harry Sydney Open, My Brother’s Keeper annual Bowl-A-Thon) and have the option to purchase tickets and registrations at a reduced price.
  • The ability to support My Brother’s Keeper with a monthly payment. One time payments are welcome, but only members can pay on a monthly basis. Membership starts at $120 and can be paid at just $10 a month.

Membership options

  • $120 and can be paid at just $10 a month
  • $365 ($1.00 a day) and can be paid at just $30.41 a month
  • $1,000 and can be paid at just $83.33 a month

Your tax-deductible gift is the foundation of support for our mission to provide mentoring services to boys and men in our community who are struggling with life’s issues.

You are helping My Brother’s Keeper, a 501 (c) 3, provide these services despite working on a limited budget. Your yearly membership will play a pivotal role in helping us serve and help our community.

MBK 360 VIP Membership: Become a member TODAY!

Because of gifts from people like you, My Brother’s Keeper has helped more than 11,000 boys and men face their life challenges. Your contribution helps us keep our doors open and to continue in our mission.

You can become a member right now and get all these benefits, plus the added satisfaction of knowing you are a part of improving our community!

How Funds Are Used

In our lives, most of us have had one individual, a teacher, a coach, a family member, who has been our guide, our trusted model who has positively influenced our life. They have helped us understand how to face and solve our problems. They have taught us personal accountability and respect for others. They have helped us understand how to control our lives and become productive citizens. They have changed our lives and helped make us who we are today.

Not everyone is that lucky. Many at-risk boys in our community have had no role model, no mentor, or worse a negative role model. My Brother’s Keeper has been that trusted mentor for numerous men and boys since its inception. With your funding assistance, My Brother’s Keeper will continue to be that trusted mentor for many at-risk boys in our communities.

Your donation will provide individual mentoring sessions for at-risk boys and troubled men and help to change their lives.  The full fee for each mentoring session is $50. No one is refused services due to their inability to pay. On the average, clients are able to pay approximately 30 percent of the cost of the mentoring sessions, leaving a shortfall of $35 per session. Your donation will allow everyone to participate in this mentoring program.  Help make a difference!