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Success Stories

How Do Others Evaluate My Brother’s Keeper Programs?

The words of our clients and those dealing with them daily attest to the success of our program.

Michael – 16 years old

“My Brother’s Keeper has been very helpful to me. It helped me understand that no matter what anyone else thinks of me I have to respect myself. The best part of the program is when we talk about building a house with conviction, standards, loyalty, respect, and trust. We talk about not acting on emotions and feelings but always looking at life as a big picture. You believed in me when it seemed like everyone else gave up hope. I really did not like who I was becoming and My Brother’s Keeper helped me believe in myself again! I am learning how to respect myself again.”

“In the end I think what I have learned the most was making choices by MYSELF and not looking back and making those choices with INTEGRITY. Doing what is right even when no one is looking and giving you the pat on the back is the most important thing in life, and the most important thing in becoming a man.”

Ms. Zernicke, Middle School Teacher

“On behalf of all students and staff at Lombardi Middle School, I would like to thank you so much for the group sessions. The inspirational messages focused on important qualities such as respect, integrity, and responsibility. These are the qualities that we are trying so hard to instill into our students’ daily lives. Harry Sydney’s presentations are beneficial for our middle school students who are at that very impressionable age. We feel strongly that together we can make a difference in the lives of all of our students. Thank you again for providing our students this valuable experience.”

Mrs. Simons-High School Student Services

“East High School sincerely thanks Mr. Harry Sydney for the time he spends with our students. His guidance and mentoring is an invaluable asset to our students as very often these students lack strong, male role models. Your rapport with these young men is evident in your work with them. It is our hope that your positive influence will carry on for all of them throughout their lives. Mr. Sydney’s dedication to improving the lives of young men in our community is apparent in the effectiveness of your work. We are very lucky to have you as part of our East family. We look forward to working with you for many school years.”

Brian Laurent, Brown County Juvenile Detention Center, Juvenile Supervisor

“During my career I have had the luxury of seeing first hand that our facility is committed to providing inmates programs which lead to personal growth, rehabilitation, and reintegration into the community. I live, work, and am raising a family in the community so it is extremely important to me that every juvenile released from our custody is in a better position to succeed than when they arrived. I believe Harry Sydney shares these values and has helped our facility towards achieving its mission. My Brother’s Keeper teaches youth about community values and the importance of positive contributions to the community. The program encourages them to become active and help the community in many ways, such as participating in community service projects. … I feel My Brother’s Keeper has educated juveniles on the effects of their decisions and has given them tools to make better, more informed choices. … I believe My Brother’s Keeper strives to build youth with Integrity, Respect, and Standards and the program has been a tremendous asset to our facility and to the communities in our area.” – Read additional words from Brian

Mayor James J. Schmitt – Green Bay, WI

Read some kind words from our local mayor.

Michael Grones, former president, Labor Management Council of Northeast Wisconsin

“Harry stole the show at our annual convention. Everyone loved hearing what he had to say and loved talking to him after his talk.”

Father Jim Lucas, St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Appleton

“Harry Sydney’s visit made a difference in our community.  He called us to accountability and to live a virtuous life.  It was a welcomed message.”

Natalie, coordinator, Living Green and Natural Health Expo, Oshkosh

“Harry was incredible to work with and I would highly recommend him to any organization looking for speakers! He spoke about Leadership and Teambuilding and was well received by those who heard him. Most importantly, he gave the audience the chance to have a question and answer time and made it a very personal and memorable experience for them. Working with Mr. Sydney and his staff is definitely something that I will do again in the future.”