Our Statistics

My Brother’s Keeper ~ 2023 ~ Annual Report 

Clients Served
One-on-One 3,387 Individual Mentoring Sessions.
Group Forum Sessions-Serving 563 Individuals Area Public Schools, Brown County Juvenile Detention Center.

Mission Statement
My Brother’s Keeper is a male mentoring program dedicated to providing Straight Talk~ Sound Direction mentoring services to assist boys and men who are dealing with the hardships of life by helping them live with Integrity, Respect and Standards (IRS Code). We are committed to providing our clients with the knowledge and skills to make positive decisions and changes in their lives helping them become better individuals, family members and valued members of our community.  All persons are welcome regardless of race, creed, color, or ethnic background. No one is ever turned away!

At My Brother’s Keeper, Inc. we are honored to serve a population of boys and men in Brown County and surrounding areas.  With your support, this important mission will continue.  Your donation helps us provide exceptional mentoring to every man or boy who wants to change their life, and the lives of people surrounding them.

For over 20 years, My Brother’s Keeper has been committed to mentoring boys and creating new opportunities.  Successful mentoring provides the boys and men in the program the leadership skills they need to be productive members of OUR community!

Mentors transform lives!

Member Demographics Gender
Caucasian: 35%
African American:  28%
Latino: 29%
Asian: 4%
Native American: 3%
Other: 1%

Male 100%



We welcome every boy regardless of his family’s ability to pay.  We are able to meet every client’s needs because of support from individuals like you.  Your donations really do make a difference!  Your support has made this program possible. Fundraising, Grants and Donations helps us continue to serve lower income at-risk boys and men with effective mentoring services designed to teach them to develop the skills they need to improve their life and make healthy choices.  Ultimately your contribution helps your community!

Program: 66%
Management & General: 32%
Fundraising: 2%

Special Events: 35%
Grants: 26%
Client Fees: 11%
Donations: 22%
Brown County Contract: 5%
AODA Assessments: 1% 

990 SCH. A,B,G,O 2022 2023

501 (c) 3 MBK

Wisconsin Department Of Financial Institutions Credential 2023