How To Deal With Anxiety

Posted by Harry Sydney

When we deal with anxiety, what is happening is that we are having storms in our head. The storms come from different areas, usually with issues from the past. We are worrying about that so much it is hard for us to see the future. When we are worrying about the past and panicking about the future, we are not doing the one thing we can do, is controlling the present.

When we talk about anxiety, we talk about what is causing that anxiety and what can we do about that. Is it anxiety that exists or that we put there? Are we setting ourselves up for failure, because if we are staying in a world where we “can’t”, nobody is expecting us to “can.”

What we have to do to deal with anxiety is to set realistic goals to get it out of our way. Anxiety is worrying about a whole lot of things we can’t control. And because we can’t control them, it paralyzes us
from controlling the things we can, both physically and mentally. It paralyzes us from the present, because it makes the present not seem real.

When the storm comes, the things we know we can do, all of a sudden become things we can’t do because they become too hard. To me that is what anxiety is, is allowing our brain to go into overdrive. We are going 75 mph in a 35 mph zone. When that happens the lights come faster. Also we think nothing can be good, and when it is good, we can’t see good.

To summarize, the best way to deal with anxiety is figure out what you are anxious about. Is it something you can control? Are you wasting time? Are you expecting an outcome when there is no outcome that will happen? Find out what it is that is making you go too fast, and find a way to slow down and control the present.

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