Low Self-Esteem

Posted by Harry Sydney

When someone comes in regarding low self-esteem, we often see that person not feeling good about themselves because they are always being compared to someone else. They are always looking to what others are doing.

Let’s look at what you are doing, and what you do good, and praise yourself so you start feeling good about the things you can do. Then you will have the strength to challenge other things. Everybody has low self-esteem in some form, they just hide it in different ways.

When we talk about low self-esteem we talk about low confidence. We usually find that people with low self-esteem don’t know where the confidence comes from. So many times they look at life in terms of what they can’t do. They start to worry and then they worry so much about what they can’t control, instead of thinking about what they can control. They can control their thought process. They can control how they respect themselves. So many times the low self-esteem comes from thinking we are not good enough. It is not that we are not good enough, we are just trying to do something we can’t do.

As parents we want all of our kids to believe in themselves, to push themselves, to test themselves. We are always a work in progress, but we can have something in particular that we work towards. You can set realistic goals. We just have to recognize that everyone has a gift. We have to embrace that gift and NOT worry about the other things, other people, and what they are doing. Once that happens you can take the steps to gain that confidence

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