Harry featured on WBAY Power 2 Change Podcast

Posted by Amanda Van Eperen

“You know, so many times we are waiting for the conversation to have in the mayor’s office, at the police station. I think the conversation has to start across the street. The conversation has to start at schools. The conversation has to start when you drop your daughter off somewhere and you say, ‘Hey, how you doing?’ when you’re not too busy. I think the conversation starts with everybody checking themselves and just looking at that person and saying, ‘Hey. Hi. How are you doing?’       ~ Harry Sydney III


WBAY wants to advance the conversation about race in Northeast Wisconsin. Community members have been sharing their stories about racism: how it looks and how it feels. These are honest conversations to spark a dialogue and on July 10, 2020 our own Harry Sydney was featured on their podcast sharing his experience.  Click below to listen!