Harry Sydney Open 2018 a HUGE Success

Posted on August 6, 2018
Threats of rain couldn’t put a damper on yet another successful Harry Sydney Open golf tournament.  We are so grateful for all the generous golfers that joined us this year, the sponsors who supported us, and the volunteers who made [read more...]

It’s Time to Take Control of You!

Posted by Harry Sydney
Why do we spend so much time and energy on worrying about things we can’t control instead of focusing on controlling what we can? Many of my clients struggle with just this. Instead of just focusing on the little things [read more...]

Dealing With Frustration

Posted by Harry Sydney
Recently in some sessions with clients I have noticed that a common occurrence is that men are trying to cope and deal with being angry, flat out  pissed off at the world,  or mad. The biggest problem is that they [read more...]

Reasons Behind Domestic Abuse

Posted by Harry Sydney
I think when domestic abuse happens, it is when parents or people in a relationship fail to communicate the right way. When they don’t communicate the right way, they start communicating the wrong way with yelling, screaming and physicality. They [read more...]

How To Deal With Anxiety

Posted by Harry Sydney
When we deal with anxiety, what is happening is that we are having storms in our head. The storms come from different areas, usually with issues from the past. We are worrying about that so much it is hard for [read more...]

Low Self-Esteem

Posted by Harry Sydney
When someone comes in regarding low self-esteem, we often see that person not feeling good about themselves because they are always being compared to someone else. They are always looking to what others are doing. Let’s look at what you [read more...]

Drug and Alcohol Issues

Posted by Harry Sydney
When a kid comes in with alcohol issues one of the first things we talk about is what is going on in his life to make him think alcohol is going to make it better. Because so many times when [read more...]